"The Cow Jumped Over The Moon"

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It's a very little known fact, but one we thought we would share. After all we feel it's about time we told you all how we came up with our name. Not too many people know but it comes from way back in 1765 when the well known Nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle was penned. Obviously we were not around then but we took inspiration from a very special cow and the farmer that owned her.

This cow was like no other. It could jump unbelievably high. So high it could reach the moon. It was like it's legs were made of elastic! Being such a special cow it produced special milk. This milk was like no other milk from a cow. It was completely unique...Like us.

The farmer would milk all of his cows on a daily basis and he and his family would make cheese to sell in local farmers markets in and around Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire.
But they had a problem. The milk from their special cow just could not produce cheese in the same way. In fact all it could produce was 'Rubber Cheese'.

You might think that this was useless to the farmer, but you would be wrong! The 'Rubber Cheese' caused a bit of a stir. People would travel from far and wide to the markets just to catch a glimpse of this weird and wonderful thing and listen to the stories the farmer would tell about his very special cow and how it could jump over the moon.

Because of 'Rubber Cheese' the farmer became quite wealthy, so wealthy in fact that he built a special place for his special cow to live.

We think that the farmer was really creative in how he made 'Rubber Cheese' work for him and thats where we got our inspiration for our special name.

  • Author: Gary O'Donnell

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