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We're called Rubber Cheese because...

One late evening many moons ago the creative team in Dross & Company's boardroom each had an upside down smile on their face. Bleary eyed with shoulders that curled around their chest. They were in despair.

Apart from, Trudy, she was flopped over the table cradling her weary head in her crossed arms, probably dreaming about MasterChef Australia. Again.

They'd spent the best part of the evening brainstorming for a new company name. A silvery moon had crept from behind a black cloud and beamed through the open office window like a heavenly spark.

''This team is our only hope,'' Kelly said, trying her hardest not to think of peas, ''can't anyone make us smile the right way up?''

Liam pushed his chair back with such force it hit the buffet table at the other side of the room sending plates of sandwiches crashing to the ground.

They all looked on in amazement. The sandwiches, along with, Liam were performing a decent samba all around the boardroom.

Kelly stood tall and narrowed her eyes to scan the quivering ensemble then said in a hushed kind of voice, ''Oooo-kay! Who made the cheese sandwiches?''

Paul covered his eyes, ''I did,'' he said nervously and slinked down in his chair.

''Brilliant!!'' She shot back.

''Piece of cake!'' Rachael said then smiled a playful grin. She rose from her seat and stepped up to the whiteboard. She'd had the answer all along.

Eyes bright she wrote with a flourish.

RUBBER CHEESE - the only cheese that will make you do a happy dance around the boardroom.

There were gasps all around!!

''Tea anyone?'' Paul said, dancing where he stood.

  • Author: Baz Baron

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